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Are you dreaming of a fairytale French chateau wedding? Look no further than Chateau Fengari in South West France. This stunning venue offers a unique charm that is sure to make your special day unforgettable. With its large open rooms, natural light, exquisite decor, beautiful gardens, and serene lake, Chateau Fengari is the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

Jo and I visited Chateau Fengari in March ahead of a wedding in 2024.  We’ve worked at a lot of wedding venues in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.  One thing wedding photographers hope for above all else is for tons of natural light in the rooms at wedding venues.  Chateau Fengari is awash with the stuff!

The rooms are large and spacious and all of them have large windows which let in loads of natural light.  Why is this important you may be wondering?

For a start, it means we don’t have the need to carry lots of extra lighting equipment (however we always carry our Magmod equipment for more creative shots!).  And secondly, but no least important is the sun which emits the best light in the universe for photographers, so to have an abundance of this natural light in the rooms where we will be capturing intimate portraits of brides, grooms and their respective parties is a real bonus.

The rooms themselves are tastefully decorated with a real feel of stepping back in time without being too dusty and fussy.  We especially loved the pool room, the room where the groom and groomsmen will be getting ready.  The feel of the room, the chesterfield chairs, wall art and of course the pool table are sure to make for some manly  portraits of the groom and his guys!

The bridal preparation area is huge, with two rooms either side of the main lobby area.  As is the case throughout the whole Chateau, there’s an abundance of natural light for photographers to use to create some beautiful portraits of the bride and her bridesmaids.

We always suggest to our wedding couples to take some time out of the day to be alone, to re energise and spend a little bit of time together to take a breather from what is for them, a very stressful, nervous and hectic schedule.  Chateau Fengari has just the spot – their beautiful lake a short walk down from the Chateau.  This is also a great place for golden hour photos.  It even has it’s own small beach, so if the wedding couple fancy a quick dip in the lake (especially in August when it’s usually 40c+) then this is the ideal place.

Chateau Fengari serves not merely as a backdrop but as a living, breathing part of and couples wedding day celebration. It is an essential character in the unfolding story of the day, offering whispers of the past and winks of whimsy, ensuring that the tale of each wedding is as unique and unforgettable as the venue itself (and comes complete with it’s own pets!)

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