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Rain, electrocution, burnt marshmallows, a funky morris minor and a late registrar.

We’re normally wedding photographers in the dordogne, but our third wedding of the season found us heading even more North, back to our home county, Yorkshire, UK.  In a time honoured tradition, it rained on wedding day.  This is nothing unusual for Yorkshire, it rains a lot!

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We landed in the UK on Wednesday after taking the ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven.  Our route North, planned to avoid the dartford tunnel, however an accident meant we were re routed back to the Dartford Tunnel!  I can’t imagine anything worse than having to fight through all that traffic every day.  It makes me so grateful for our house in the sleepy Bastide of Beaumont in the Dordogne.

After a 6 hour drive, we arrived at Jo’s parents house in Sandal, Wakefield around 8pm.  After swiftly unloading the gear, we headed to the Star Inn near Newmillerdam for a couple of Stella’s & pork scratchings (the French would love these I think), before having our customary curry at Mumbai Boss.

Next day we headed to our accommodation near the venue, The Harewood Arms.

The venue for the wedding was The Hovels Harewood, part of Lord Harewood’s estate, and originally a game keepers lodging (its much bigger now).
It rained…alot.

Jo started in the brides suite with the girls, whilst I captured video footage, this was a dual wedding for us, photo and video.  I saw some sheep (not unusual I know) so went to get a nice scene setting video shot of them.Without realising the fence was electric, I poked my Dji RSC2 though, caught one of the wires, and ended up being thrown back into the wet grass. Lesson learned, I’m sure the sheep were laughing at me.

Lizzie had her makeup done by Ella Warner  and her hair by The Hair & Makeup Project

Lizzie’s beautiful dress was by Scarlet Poppy, Leeds.

Lizzie’s flowers and bouquet were by Florist & Forest 

I headed to the venue where I met Tony and his best men.We hung out, took some shots, then Tony and I headed to the bar for some manly groom portraits.  I used my creative lighting from magmod, firstly darkening the scene in camera, attaching my mag grid and mag snood to the flash to get some really nice portraits of Tony.  The colours of the bar were really complementary to the images.

Lizzie the bride was due to arrive at the venue at 2pm in her dad’s Morris Minor.  I waited outside, in the rain, with my storm coat on, hugging my Lumix s5ii and s pro lens like I was protecting a baby.  2:10pm no sign of her.  Then I get a message the registrar has taken a wrong turn and will be twenty minutes late.

Eventually I saw the goofy lights of the morris minor coming down the country road.  I threw back my storm coat like batman, switched to video mode and started filming.  Jo was behind me taking the photos. 

Umbrellas at the ready, Lizzie stepped out of the car to be with her three bridesmaids Emma, Rachael and Helen, we got a great shot of them with their umbrellas.

The ceremony was lovely.  The couples daughters Sienna and Amelia each took it in turn to bring a ring to the parents.

Post ceremony, we headed out to the covered area hoping the rain would stop….it didn’t.  So we went ahead with the group shots right there.  We made use of some beautiful Chesterfield chairs to capture a couple of great images of Tony and Lizzie.

What happens when you leave a bunch of kids near an open fire with huge marshmallows and sticks….of course burnt marshmallow.  Despite the charred exterior, the marshmallows were handed out to everyone around, and consumed with delight.

Meals and speeches went by, the party started, at which point the rain stopped and the sun came out.  Unfortunately a little too late for the bride and groom to get any decent sunset photos.

We did get some great 1st dance shots before Lizzie & Tony cut into the cake made by Lizzie’s mum, Susan.


A great Yorkshire affair, we had a lot of fun photographing and filming this wedding.

All the best for the future Lizzie & Tony!
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