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Finding the right wedding venue is a journey filled with dreams, aspirations, and sometimes a touch of bewilderment. Among the best wedding venues in South West France, Chateau de Lerse stands out as a testament to love, heritage, and the promise of new beginnings. Nestled in the serene landscape of the Charente, this 15th-century chateau embodies the quintessence of romance and timeless elegance. Let’s embark on a journey to explore why Chateau de Lerse is not just a venue, but a destination where hearts unite and memories are eternally cherished.

Discovering Chateau de Lerse: A Jewel in the Charente

Jo and I were the wedding photographers at Chateau de Lerse for Stephanie and Roberts wedding in 2023.  It was our first time working at this amazing venue.  We loved the place from the minute we arrived. 

Wedding photographers love space, especially when photographing the bride in her dress before the ceremony.  

De Lerse has plenty of space in all the rooms, which made for some great images.  Here’s Stephanie looking fabulous in her wedding dress, you can get a sense of the size in this photo.

The outdoors space is well suited to summer weddings, with the ceremony location overlooking the lake and beautiful countryside with the Chateau as the backdrop.

The food is really great, expertly cooked by Joss and his team, who are super friendly and accommodating to everyones needs.

Stephanie & Roberts wedding was such a lovely occasion, followed by a Sunday pool party, where I captured one of my favourite images from 2023.  This is Stephanie’s Grandma having a great time with the boys!


Making Memories That Last a Lifetime

Choosing Chateau de Lerse for your wedding venue transcends the mere act of hosting an event; it’s an invitation to craft a tapestry of memories woven with joy, love, and timeless beauty. This magnificent venue, set against the picturesque backdrop of South West France, ensures that each second of your special day is imbued with a sense of wonder and delight that speaks directly to the heart.

As you step into the embrace of Chateau de Lerse, you’re not just entering a venue; you’re stepping into a storybook where every chapter celebrates the unique journey you and your partner are on. Here, the elegance of historical architecture merges seamlessly with the personal touches of your celebration, creating an enchanting setting where every laugh, every dance, and every shared glance is charged with meaning.

The culinary delights, the whispered vows beneath ancient trees, and the gentle clinking of glasses under the starlit sky—every aspect is carefully curated to resonate with the essence of your union. The attentive staff at Chateau de Lerse is devoted to ensuring that your wedding is not just an occasion but a collection of moments that stand as a testament to the beauty of your love, moments that you and your guests will carry in your hearts as treasures.

In the end, the magic of Chateau de Lerse lies not only in its stunning landscapes or its historic charm but in its capacity to hold space for the creation of memories that endure—memories that become the legacies of love, passed down through stories and smiles, long after the last guest has departed.

We worked with some amazing vendors at this wedding:

Celebrant – Michelle Roberts –

HMUA – Laura Cawte

Catering – Traiteure Events –

Band – The Sparkle Band –

Sunday DJ – Damien Keys –

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