Chris Storey Photography



We appreciate the distinct style and vision that each of our clients has for their wedding and engagement photographs.  We acknowledge that the photo editing style that works best is influenced by you and your vision for the day, in particular the style of wedding venue and decor and of course your personalities!  We provide three primary photo editing styles, and we urge you to select the style that best suits your needs and visions/preferences based on the  examples provided below.


Signature Style

Our signature style, and a style we love, is our bold, punchy colours, with pop and plenty of contrast.  This style really makes your images come alive by using the full dynamic range and image quality of our full frame, hi resolution cameras, to bring to life the beautiful colours from your day, to lift them from the background and really make your wedding photographs stand out!


Light & Airy Style

The light and airy style of photography is characterized by its soft, pastel hues and a dreamy, filmic vibe. This style creates a romantic, dreamy feel to the images and is most often appropriate for natural light photos.  Light and airy pairs well with natural, organic scenes and well as clean backgrounds in soft light.

The primary limitation of this editing style is that the colors in the skies are often blown out, i.e. turned to white, so it may not be the ideal style if you’re seeking vibrant sunsets or bold colors.


Dark & Moody Style

The editing style is known for its deep, rich, organic tones. Often described as bohemian or earthy, this popular style creates a warmer, darker, and moodier feel to the images.

If you can’t decide, then we recommend that you talk to us to get advice.  Certain editing styles pair well with specific types of scenes and venues, so we can provide further guidance as needed.

Be sure to let us know your preferred editing style in your pre-wedding questionnaire.