In addition to photography, we also offer videography services utilizing state-of-the-art professional camera equipment. With a minimum of 2 cameras for multiple angles, including close-ups and wide shots, we can capture high-resolution footage up to 6k if needed. We also use professional drones to capture aerial footage of your venue.  Our editing process takes place on site and we never outsource any work, resulting in a beautifully crafted video that showcases the highlights of your special day.

If you require a longer video with audio of ceremony and speeches talk to us.

Some of our recent work

Wedding Overview Video

A five-minute video that encapsulates the most memorable moments of your special day, when booked with a full or half day wedding photography package.
  • Video unto 5 minutes
  • Filmed upto 4k resolution (6k if required for extremely large cinema screens)
  • Delivered in various formats for large screens and social media
  • Royalty free music