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Looking for the perfect spot for a dreamy wedding in the south west of France? Look no further than Chateau D’Aix! This stunning venue is a gem nestled in the beautiful Lot countryside, making it the ideal setting for an intimate and romantic wedding. With its rustic 15th century castle, grand terrace, large swimming pool, and breathtaking views, Chateau D’Aix is a wedding photographer’s paradise for capturing those special moments on your big day.

A Dream Venue for Intimate Weddings

If there’s ever a place that screams ‘storybook romance’, it’s Chateau D’Aix. Tucked away in the lush Lot countryside, this venue is like stepping into your own private fairy tale, but with all the rustic charm of a 15th-century castle. Ideal for those who envision their wedding day to be an intimate gathering, Chateau D’Aix stands out not just for its historical allure but for its capability to turn small wedding dreams into reality.

Nestled just a hop away from Bergerac airport and a bit of a stretch (2.5 hours, to be precise) from Bordeaux, getting here is a breeze for guests flying in. Once they arrive, they’re met with a castle that’s as enchanting as it is welcoming. It’s the kind of place where every corner holds a story, and the vibe? Totally laid-back yet elegantly timeless.

The castle doesn’t just rest on its ancient laurels, though. The inside is as impressive as its stony exterior, boasting rooms that blend authenticity with comfort. Think quality furniture, tasteful decoration with antiques, yet every piece invites you to relax and soak in the ambience. It’s this blend of the majestic and the cosy that makes it bang-on for small weddings. You get the grandeur without the echo of empty spaces – every laugh and whisper feels shared among loved ones.


Then there’s the outdoors. The sprawling space outside is like a green canvas, ready to be turned into whatever the heart desires. A serene ceremony on the grand terrace with the valley stretching out below? Check. A laid-back poolside reception as the stars pop out? Absolutely. It’s this versatility, paired with the venue’s intimate scale, that makes Chateau D’Aix a dream come true for couples wanting a wedding that’s both personal and packed with scenery that’ll have everyone’s eyes popping.

In essence, Chateau D’Aix wraps up that fairy-tale essence with a sprinkle of rustic charm, making it spot-on for couples dreaming of a smaller, intimate wedding that doesn’t skimp on the ‘wow’ factor.

Spectacular Views and Photography Opportunities

When it comes to capturing those picture-perfect moments that will make everyone on your Insta feed green with envy, Chateau D’Aix is a goldmine. With its commanding views over the lush valley and the quaint village opposite, the place is pretty much a wedding photographer’s dream. Imagine tying the knot with such a drop-dead gorgeous backdrop, where every snapshot is postcard-worthy. The grand terrace here isn’t just a spot for vows and toasts; it’s a scenic stage that makes every photo a masterpiece.

Then there’s the woodland that surrounds the castle – it’s like this secret garden where magic happens, perfect for those intimate couple shots that you’ll treasure forever. Picture this: just the two of you, lost in the moment, surrounded by ancient trees with the softest light filtering through. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, that’s the kind of unique charm that Chateau D’Aix packs.

And let’s not forget the inside of this place. The rooms are bathed in such amazing natural light, it’s like the whole castle was designed with Instagram grids in mind.


From the plush interiors to the striking antiques dotted around every room, the indoors offer a blend of elegance and comfort that translates beautifully on camera. Whether it’s a laugh shared in the cool, spacious rooms or a candid dance move by the pool, the light here has a way of wrapping everything in a glow that’s nothing short of magical.

So, for couples dreaming of a wedding album filled with shots that scream ‘fairy-tale romance meets rustic elegance’, Chateau D’Aix doesn’t just deliver – it dazzles. With its blend of stunning landscapes, captivating interiors, and an atmosphere that’s all about love and light, it’s the place where photo dreams come true.

Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere at Chateau D’Aix

Over at Chateau D’Aix, the vibe is all about making everyone feel as if they’ve stepped into a home away from home, with Steffi at the helm steering this ship of warmth and welcome. It’s not every day you find a host who pours so much love and effort into making sure your big day feels as relaxed and joyful as possible. And let’s not overlook Taco, the dog, who’s basically the cherry on top of the welcome cake, offering cuddles and tail wags that add a quirky touch of homeliness you didn’t know you needed.

Walking into Chateau D’Aix, the first thing that hits you is how the interiors whisk you away into a realm of comfort and style. Those big, airy rooms? They’re not just for show. They’re decked out with quality furniture that’s got this perfect mix of antique charm and comfy vibes, making every nook feel like it’s inviting you to kick back and chill. The decor, with its tasteful antiques, adds layers of character and elegance, setting the scene for an atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and snug.

For the kiddos, it’s like a wonderland. The rooms designed with them in mind mean they’ve got their own cool space to hang out, making the chateau a hit with families. And when it comes to soaking up the scenery or enjoying a breezy evening of laughs and chatter, that large terrace is the spot. It’s like this social hub where guests can gather, breathe in the stunning views, and really soak in the essence of a celebration that’s intimate and heartwarming.

All in, Chateau D’Aix isn’t just about the aesthetics or the breathtaking backdrop it provides; it’s the warmth, the welcome, and that feeling of being completely at ease that truly sets it apart. Steffi and Taco, with their open arms (and paws), play a big part in weaving that magic, turning a beautiful venue into something that feels like a piece of home, nestled in the heart of the French countryside.


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